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About Milestone-Belanova Central Coast Marketing Agency


At Milestone-Belanova we apply Creativity, Knowledge and Passion to every job we conduct for our clients.

Using proven research, analysis and diagnostic methodologies combined with extensive business experience, our marketing strategists develop and recommend appropriate strategic marketing solutions tailored for the specific needs of each client.

From concept through to implementation, our creative and technical team has the expertise to deliver a high end execution to implement the recommended programs under the management of the local marketing strategist.

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About Milestone-Belanova Central Coast Marketing Agency
About Milestone-Belanova Central Coast Marketing Agency
About Milestone-Belanova Central Coast Marketing Agency

Our Process


We deliver original ideas and solutions for business growth both internally and for our clients by:

  • Brainstorming creative ideas for every project
  • Providing a supportive environment that encourages creative thought
  • Only delivering a project for client review when we are completely certain it is the best we can provide
  • Encouraging each other to reach their potential as members of a supportive creative team
  • Respecting every new idea offered by a team member or client
  • Contributing our creative and strategic thoughts wherever we have something to offer


We use our combined experience to achieve desirable outcomes for our clients by:

  • Agreeing a desirable outcome with our clients
  • Providing a more than satisfactory level of resources to achieve that outcome
  • Planning and communicating the process for every project
  • Taking every opportunity to exceed the desirable level of outcome rather than taking a "good enough" attitude
  • Putting our clients' success ahead of our own
  • Involving all team members in decisions and discussions to take advantage of our collective knowledge and creative resources


We put every effort we can into surprising our clients with extraordinary outcomes by:

  • Working to the very best of our ability everyday
  • Treating all clients' projects as personal achievements
  • Rewarding and celebrating the extra efforts and contributions of each member of the team
  • Providing a vibrant organisational environment that encourages ownership of challenges and drive to find new solutions

We like getting to know you first. We will investigate you and your industry and research your competitors to ensure we have a detailed understanding of your marketing needs.


We review all our projects strategically before implementation. If we are engaged to develop a strategic report or a marketing plan, we will collaborate as a team to prepare the ideal strategy to meet your goals. If we are working on a digital project, we will provide specs for you to approve.


Our next step is the exciting stage of creative concepting. Based on an agreed strategic direction, we will think imaginatively to create design or digital concepts that will inspire your prospects.


Once your concept has been approved, we will move into creative execution and development. Whether that involves branding, design, web and digital or advertising, our in-house team can deliver it all!


We will continue to monitor and provide support to ensure your new strategies are set in place and are delivering results.


Once you have settled in with your new logo, web or tv campaign (or any of our other services) we strive to continue providing you with ongoing strategies to help your business grow.

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